Three books I highly recommend for those just beginning to study Theology of the Body!

Here are three books I highly recommend:

Whether you are a teen or not, I think TOBforTeens does a fantastic job of presenting some of the key aspects of TOB in a workbook format, with helpful definitions and concise chapters. I referenced this book for a long time before I bought another TOB book. It is a solid reference for St. John Paul the Great’s teaching.

I recommend this booklet because whether you are a young adult or not, I think Jason Evert speaks with a lot of clarity about the virtue of chastity. He really brings it into real world practicality by showing how it is a necessity if we want to love authentically (Pure Manhood and Pure Womanhood are also brilliant).

Finally, I recommend TOB for Beginners because it is a good short read that covers the whole scope of St. John Paul the Great’s teaching.

(The Pope’s book, “Love and Responsibility”, is a great complement to TOB and vice versa. Edward Sri unpacks the content of LR in his book: and have even more resources!

“Jesus, I Trust In You”


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