How do you know you aren’t grasping for happiness?

If you make God the center of your life, loving Him the most and putting Him before anything else.

Your relationship with God is the most important relationship in your life. If it is strong, it will bless everything else in your life and you will be able to handle any struggles that come your way. If it is weak and you place something else in the center of your life, you will always feel as if something is missing and you will never be satisfied.

Happiness comes from knowing Jesus and following Him. As soon as we lose sight of this and take our eyes off of Him, fear and worry can drag us down. But as long as our eyes are on Him, there is nothing to worry about.

Making God the center of our lives takes work. We have to spend time with Him in prayer, in adoration, in the sacraments etc., if we are to receive the supernatural love He wants to bestow upon us; only then can we also in turn share this love with others. This is how we become “like God”, by first receiving His love.

Keep your eyes on God at all times. Let God be God and know that if you make Him the center of your life, He will take care of you. This is where true joy can be found and it is not a temporary joy. A servant of God can always delight in the Lord no matter his circumstance in life.

Make God the center of your life by seeking an intimate relationship with Him. Only then can you find a happiness that does not fade.

Embrace your cross, draw strength from your relationship with God and be happy!

“Jesus, I Trust In You”


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